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Rod Repair


Rod Service

We can replace Eyelets and tips on your fishing Rod or add hook keepers.

We carry a large selection of eyelets and tip or can order the part needed to get your rod back on the water.
We use only top quality thread and sealant to make your fishing rod look as good as it functions.
Due to age and different assembly process we will try to match your thread colors as closely as possible, colors may very slightly from time to time.
Unfortunately we do not repair broken rod blanks or replace handles and reel seats.

Shipping rods can be costly so we recommend dropping them off at the shop when you are in the area.


Generally repair cost runs $10.00 per eyelet or hook keeper plus the cost of the eyelet or hook keeper. 

Under wraps and decorative wrap will have an additional fee if available.

Shipping Rods

Sending rods can be costly, we have found Spee-dee Delivery the most cost efficient if you are in Spee-dee Delivery area. Outside of the area check with your carriers for pricing.

We will return rods in the same packaging used to send it in, and generally through the same carrier.

Tip Up Repair


Tip Up Repacking

On cold mornings do you have to let your tip ups sit in the water to warm up before you can start fishing? This may be due to water inside your tip up’s tube.
Having your tip ups repacked can greatly help their performance by reducing shaft freezing and dropped bait due to spool resistance. 

We also service all other makes of tip ups and use top quality lubricant to help you catch the fish of your dreams. Most common brands serviced are HT, Frabill.

Service cost for removing the shaft cleaning and repacking is $8.00 per Tip up. For Tip Up repairs please call before sending them.


When sending your Tip ups please remove the line on spool, or for an additional $2.00 charge per Tipup we can remove and replace after service.

We can also put new line on for you!

Sending Tip Ups

To help reduce shipping charges you can remove the board from your Tip up and just send the shaft/spool assembly.

Return shipping is through USPS and is $13.00 for the first Tip up and $1.50 for each additional.

Service Pricing

We charge $8.00 per tip up to repack and clean.

There is a $2.00 per tip up charge for removing and reinstalling line if needed.

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